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Peter Dhu, Keynote Speaker

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“The last time Peter spoke at a breakfast awards ceremony on our behalf was memorable. Within minutes of Peter starting to speak there was not a sound in the room. No clinking of cutlery and no hushed voices – just the silence of a room riveted by the speaker’s deeply personal and inspiring story.

If you want an inspirational conference or meeting then Peter Dhu is the person to have on your program. Thousands of people around the world have been inspired by Peter’s story and his ability to defy the odds and overcome not only his lifelong disability, but the prejudice, discrimination and unfair treatment constantly dished out to him. Peter has inspired and coached many into action and making positive change in their lives.

They love Peter because of his authenticity, powerful stories, great use of humor and the fact that he has walked the walk. Peter doesn’t tell you what you can achieve; he shows you what you can achieve through his own example.”

Christine McLean – CEO – Perth Convention Bureau

Keynote Speaking Topics

– The Science of Success

– From Adversity to Success

– Dare to dream

– Organizational resilience and community capacity building

– Focus on ability, not disability

– Turning Lemons into lemonade

– Maximise your personal effectiveness

10 Reasons to book Peter for your next conference or meeting

Peter - Lens 75th

  • It is unique and unusual to have a keynote speaker who could not speak
  • Peter’s life is littered with setbacks which have been turned into successes
  • Peter’s use of effective humor is memorable and entertaining
  • You cannot walk out of one of Peter’s presentations not feeling motivated and inspired to take action
  • Peter has a knack of putting issues and problems into perspective
  • Peter gets you to look at possibility, potential and ability, rather than look at disability
  • Peter will tailor his presentation to meet the requirements and the needs of your audience, ensuring they get maximum benefit.
  • Peter will always remain after his presentation for networking and follow up discussions with your guests
  • Peter is a life member of the Australian Speak Easy Association and brings over 30 years experience helping people to overcome their fears and become better communicators
  • Peter will work with you and the conference organizer to deliver the best value to your audience. As a Medical Scientist, Business Manager, Microbiologist and Leader, Peter’s content appeals to a wide range of audiences.

How to Book Peter

Peter can be booked for keynote presentations, full day workshops or coaching sessions by contacting Peter at:

Mobile: 0419 930 903

Email: info@peterdhu.com.au