Job Interview Skills

Coaching to Maximise Your Job Interview Skills

Employers usually hire on a combination of merit and an individual who is confident, enthusiastic, and positive and is an effective communicator. Showing these qualities are vital to the job interview process, so be prepared. With the right approach you can be your very best in interviews and even enjoy the process. Remember, the job interview is a communication process, if you can impress a prospective employer with your communication skills, experiences, and interests then there is a good chance that the employer will remember you and consider hiring you.

Job interviews at best can be a nervous time and at worst can be a time of debilitating anxiety, high stress, sleepless nights and a confidence sapping experience.

Interview skills coaching can help you learn to calm the nerves, be more confident and give you tips that will allow you to be at your best during the interview. Coaching can help you learn how to think and speak off the cuff, anticipate and prepare for the questions and respond using a structure that is consistent and effective.

Allow Peter to assist you as you prepare to give your best performance at you next job interview