Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching Services

My Coaching Service:
I offer clients a one on one professional coaching service in the area of speech structure, presentation styles and confidence strategies. Coaching services are negotiated individually with each client, to meet your specific needs and expectations and are typically offered over 4 to 6 sessions. I believe 5 sessions is ideal to work on most normal presentations such a job interview, wedding speech, university tutorial, conference paper or group presentation. A high level presentation may need more sessions and that can always be negotiated.

My Experience:
I am a trained coach and mentor and have completed my Diploma in Professional Coaching.  In addition I have a range of technical skills and experience in management and leadership, including a Graduate Diploma of Health Administration and a Masters of Business Administration. I have achieved the level of Senior Manager within the health sector where I used my leadership and coaching skills to support, train and motivate staff. I also have over 20 years experience in providing support and coaching to people who stutter and who have communication difficulties. This has included helping many people prepare for speaking assignments, presentations, wedding speeches and job interviews.

I am committed to ongoing training and education to ensure that I keep abreast of recent trends and changes in coaching practice.

I undergo professional supervision through a coach peer support program.

Fees and Charges:
My fee for a one off coaching session is $200 per hour.

Because I strongly believe that clients find coaching of maximum benefit when they commit to a 4 to 6 week program of coaching, I offer a pre-paid package for $800 which includes 5 x 60 minute sessions, inclusive of email and 10-minute ‘power’ calls. These 5 sessions can be condensed to shorter time frames if time is limited, or extended across a longer period if required.

Frequency and Duration:
Your sessions will take place face-to-face at an agreed date and time and will each last 60 minutes.  During each session we will work together to clarify your goals and to identify the actions you choose to commit to for the following week.  I will offer you guidance, challenge and support to enable you to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

Your Commitment:
Your coaching sessions are about you and for you.  They require your commitment to making a difference and they are about taking action.  During each session you will commit to a number of actions to be completed over the following week to help move you forward towards your goals.  You should only commit to actions that you feel comfortable taking on, but should be willing to build some ‘stretch’ into your goals.

Between sessions you should work on the agreed actions and complete a Coaching Update form (provided when we begin coaching), which you can send me by email 24 hours before our next session.  You are welcome to call or email me between sessions if you need to clarify any points or need additional support.  Additional ‘power’ calls are limited to a maximum of 10 minutes.

Coaching is about personal accountability, so any decisions or actions resulting from our sessions are your responsibility and yours alone.  If you are having specific problems with any aspect of your coaching then please discuss this with me at any time, so that I can support you in overcoming any roadblocks to your success.

How to get the most out of your sessions:

  • Meet or call promptly at the agreed time
  • Come prepared to each session with your successes, concerns, challenges and opportunities
  • Make notes of the actions you have agreed to at each session
  • Complete and email me your Coaching Update form before each session
  • Talk freely and honestly
  • If something within the coaching is not working for you, please let me know

You might find it useful to keep a notebook where you can record session notes and things that occur between sessions that you might want to discuss.

My Commitment:

  • I will offer you a safe environment in which to clarify your goals, develop ideas, create action plans and openly discuss issues
  • I will respect you as the expert in your life
  • I will challenge you to achieve more than you thought possible, with goals that are far-reaching but realistic
  • I will hold you accountable to your commitments
  • I will celebrate your successes with you
  • I will provide 100% commitment in supporting you to achieve your goals
  • I will respond to all emails and phone calls within 48 hours during normal working hours
  • I will treat all communications with confidentiality

I place a high priority on building trust with my clients and within my coaching relationships and maintaining client confidentiality is important in building this trust. Specifically:

I protect the confidentiality of all communications and information provided by my clients. I will not release identifying information to another party about you or our work together without your express permission.

I will not keep personal records of the nature or content of our coaching service and any notes generated by me during the coaching service will be used only by me to assist with the coaching and all notes will be destroyed on completion of the coaching agreement. The client is free to retain any notes or action plans that they take during the session.

(Adapted from “AIM Diploma in Coaching” notes 2007, and “The Business and Practise of Coaching” L Grodzki and W Allen, 2005)