Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching is an effective and affordable way of improving your presentation and public speaking skills. It is an opportunity to fine tune a presentation that you have prepared. It allows you to have a general check-upon how your speaking skills are going and it is an opportunity to learn from other speakers as they present.

In fact small group coaching enables greater experiential learning and allows you to gain a greater depth of feedback and understanding from several individuals within a group. You not only get feedback on what you do, but you get to observe and analyse others and learn to give them feedback.

I limit my group coaching sessions to 4 or 5 people and they run for a 2 hour period.

The cost of the group coaching is $100 per person for the two hours.

As with all my coaching sessions, they are more beneficial if you are clear in your mind exactly what you goal is for the session and what one or two aspects of you speaking or presentation skills would you really like to work on.

Contact me if you wish to be involved in a group coaching session.

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