The Power Pose

Amy Cuddy from Harvard Business School has written a great article about effective leadership and the link between high levels of testosterone. According to the research out of the Harvard laboratory the best leader’s, both male and female, have high levels of testosterone which is linked to reduced fear and increased capacity to deal with..

Be Wary Of Unsolicited Feedback

“Feedback is the food of champions” Ken Blanchard   Feedback is how we learn, grow, become more self-aware and find out if we have done a good job or not. It shouldn’t be something to avoid or to be scared of. Most often, it is the fear of not doing a great job, negative criticism..

6 Tips on How to Handle Difficult Questions When Presenting

I have just attended a 3-day conference in Adelaide where I was both an audience member and a keynote speaker. One of the common themes that I noticed with the presenters was that they often struggled with difficult or left field questions from the audience. The question surprised them, they lost some confidence and in..

Use The Power of Disruption When Presenting

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” ~ Pablo Picasso. I love this quote by Picasso and every time I read it, it reminds that before I do something completely different and go out on a limb I need a good understanding of the first principals of public..

Honour Those Before You And Pave The Way For Those Who Follow You.

I was at a conference a few years ago and I heard a young diabetic educator talk about the importance of self-esteem and mental well-being in women living with diabetes. The next speaker, a Medical Doctor and diabetes specialist said, “you can ignore all that stuff. If we can just keep the blood sugar under..

Share Your Struggles As Well As Your Wins – If You Wish To Be Truly Persuasive

Should you share your struggles, your weaknesses your mistakes? I was doing an online leadership course and one of the questions asked, was “should leaders reveal their weaknesses”? The majority of responses stated that good leaders must appear strong, knowledgeable, experienced and they must not show or reveal any weakness. Of course I disagreed and..

Get Excited Before Public Speaking

The number one issue that people ask me in my public speaking workshops is “how can I get rid of my nerves before I do public speaking”. While there is not one single answer, one of the powerful strategies that I teach is to get excited, rather than nervous. That is, replace the feelings and..

Feedback – The Secret to Improving Your Public Speaking

Most of my clients aim to become more confident and effective public speakers and presenters. One of the best tools to quickly achieve this is by constantly seeking and receiving effective feedback. This feedback allows you to learn, grow, incorporate and adapt to become a more effective speaker. Ken Blanchard said that “Feedback is the..

Courage In Public Speaking

Many people fear public speaking and avoid it at all costs. The very thought of it causes them concern and anxiety. And we all envy those people who stand up and speak regularly with no fear and no nerves, as if they are enjoying it. What is it that allows them to speak so confidently?..

The Value Of Vulnerability

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come strength” ~ Sigmund Freud Does sharing our vulnerability with an audience make us appear weak, afraid or not up to the job? Surely everyone has fears, has made mistakes and wishes they could have done things differently. So if we mention this as part of our training or public..