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Dealing with the elephant in the room

Difficult conversations are a normal part of everyday life whether it is in your workplace or in your personal relationships. It might be saying no to a leave request at work, it could be dealing with inappropriate behaviour at work, it could be completing a performance plan, it could be ending a relationship, it could be giving negative feedback or it may be needing to apologise. Regardless of what the difficult conversation is about, most people prefer to walk away from it, delay it, do the work themselves or avoid the
conversation completely.

This full day workshop will give you the tools and the awareness to be more comfortable, effective and successful in your difficult conversations.

After this workshop you will no longer fear or avoid difficult conversations. You will be more confident and aware of your role in a difficult conversation and you will be better equipped with the tools needed to deal effectively.

The workshop will teach you how to:

  • Identify what the problem is
  • Untangle intent from impact
  • Move away from blame game – I am right you are wrong
  • Identify some of the assumptions that get in the way
  • Maintain safety in the conversation for yourself and the other party
  • Use empathy and listening when dealing with difficult conversations
  • Be more aware of your nonverbal communication
  • Identify the purpose of the conversation
  • Put it altogether in a successful conversation.
  • Develop your own difficult conversation template

When & Where

Hind Room
George Williams Hotel 317 – 325
George Street Brisbane QLD 4003
Thursday, November 24, 2016
9:30 am to4:30 pm (AWST)


Violet -head 200 x 200
Violet Dhu has over fifteen years experience in assisting people to develop their communication skills. As an experienced Social Worker and Coach she has worked with many people who are dealing with difficult situations such as bullying and harassment, having to speak up at meetings and dealing with conflict. Violet provides training and coaching in the area of effective communication specialising in assertive communication skills and difficult conversations. In her career Violet has helped hundreds of people to communicate effectively and to participate in conversations confidently.


Winning Presentation Skills

This one day workshop is designed to take your public speaking to the next level. If you find yourself doing more presentations and public speaking and you are just not sure what you should be doing on stage, how to maximise your message, how to grab your audience’s attention, then this master class is for you.

The Winning Presentation Skills will put you ahead of the rest of the crowd and ensure that you know how to:

  • Devise and plan a powerful and effective speech
  • Master the platform
  • Make full use of your voice
  • Move your body
  • Present with passion and improved confidence
  • Leave them with a memorable message

When & Where

Symonds Room
George Williams Hotel 317 – 325
George Street Brisbane QLD 4003
Thursday, November 24, 2016
9:30 am to4:30 pm (AWST)


Peter Dhu is an experienced and acclaimed speaking trainer and coach who over 20 years has coached and trained thousands of people to overcome their fear of public speaking.

Peter works extensively with people who stutter and has spoken at conventions in Denmark, Belgium, Toronto, Montreal, Leeds, Dublin, and Croatia as well as every state in Australia

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