About Peter

Peter Dhu is a person who has stuttered all his life. As a teenager and young adult he struggled to speak and was ridiculed, teased and treated unfairly by his employer. He survived his high school and university years by being an elective mute, writing down on paper every request, every communication, so that he would not face the humiliation, embarrassment and shame of stuttering. His first job saw him placed in the basement with no client contact and strict instructions not to answer the telephone. Over 5 years he trained many new graduates, only to see them leapfrog over him to get senior positions and promotions. When he confronted his boss, he was told to be grateful for the job he had and because his communication skills were so bad, don’t expect to be promoted and “Please Stop Applying for Senior Jobs”

Since that time Peter has devoted time and effort, sweat and tears, encounting highs and lows to overcome his stutter and learn to speak fluently. He has pushed his boundaries, faced his disability and his fear to take on public speaking at every opportunity.  Peter is now one of WA’s most motivational speakers with an inspirational message of overcoming adversity and his greatest fear to achieve personal and career success.

Along the way Peter has spent over 20 years supporting, helping and training other people who have speaking and communication difficulties. He has served as President of the Australian Speak Easy Association for 5 years and has served as President of the Speak Easy Association WA for 7 years.

Peter, a Medical Scientist by profession, has also studied extensively in the area of business and leadership, culminating in his Masters of Business and Administration (MBA) and designation as Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (AFAIM). He has recently completed his Diploma in Professional Coaching and uses this framework, along with his extensive experience, to coach people who wish to become more confident and effective public speakers.

Peter has spoken to and inspired people at many conferences and meetings in Australia and around the world, including Denmark (Nyborg), Belgium (Gent), Canada (Toronto and Montreal), England (Leeds), Ireland (Dublin) and Croatia (Dubrovnik).

Peter leaves his audiences motivated, committed and confident that they themselves can achieve anything that they want in their own careers and lives. Peter talks about personal effectiveness tools, including goal setting, coaching, learning from experience and taking ownership of your own destiny. (See Testimonials)

Peter’s mission in life and his passion is to help people find their voice so that they can effectively and eloquently get their message and their point of view across to others.