Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Speak Confidently, Communicate Assertively, Speak Like A Leader

PD_Home-1Here at Corporate Communication Experts, we have a full understanding of the wide and dynamic range of public speaking situations and requirements that occur during our lives. We are equipped to provide you with the skills and the tools to tackle any speaking situation that confronts you, regardless of it being as a beginner, supervisor or as a manager presenting to the media or at a conference.Fear of public speaking is the number fear and confident and effective public speaking is so important in everyday life and in our work and career paths. So investing in learning to be both confident and effective in your public speaking and presentation skills is time, effort and money well spent.Assertive communication skills, presentation skills and public speaking are becoming increasingly important in our careers and daily lives. Securing jobs and gaining promotions are now usually the result of an oral job interview and often a formal presentation.

University qualifications require active class participation and presentations in class and tutorials. Presenting your views, knowledge or experience to peers at a conference, strategic planning session or work meeting, all requires effective and confident communication skills. The hallmark of effective and respected leaders is excellent communication skills.

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Corporate Communication Experts provides a range of services, including workshops, training, coaching and keynote presentations, all designed to improve your confidence and effectiveness as a public speaker and presenter. The range of topics that are covered include:

  • Overcoming your nerves and speaking without fear
  • Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway
  • Speaking off the cuff or without notice
  • Structuring powerful speeches for impact
  • The use of effective and purposeful body language and gestures
  • Successful job interviews
  • Communication tools for leaders
  • Presentation design and methods to maximize learning
  • How to interact with an audience and leave them wanting more

My passion, my skills and my experience come from my own struggle as a person who stutters.  For 20 years I avoided speaking and the effect was negative on my social life, career and general well-being. I have lived across the full spectrum of public speaking situations and experiences, from being unable to speak, to regularly speaking on TV, Radio and at International Conferences. I know every step of the journey from absolute fear and shame, to one of pride and success as I educate fellow human beings, trying to improve their speaking and communication skills so they can find their voices and contribute in the way they wish.